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ALEXANDER  VON   HUMBOLDT.                  93
splendidly finished, a picture of the rich, nature of the
tropical countries., the mountain formation of the
Andes, as well as clear descriptions of the manners,
origin, migrations, languages, morals, laws, and wor-
ship of the inhabitants; and also inquiries into, and
illustrations of, the ancient buildings and monuments
of the old Mexican and Peruvian nations.
The " Essai Politique sur le Royaume de la NOLI-
vcllo E»spagrie/J in two volumes, with the atlas belong-
ing thereto, and also the " Essai Politique sur 1'Isle
de Cuba/"' in two volumes, give a clear insight into
the state of Mexico and Cuba, in respect of politics
and statistics, and still afford a rich source of know-
ledge, in spite of the great changes which have since
teiken place there.
The J2oology,   the observations on animals which
Huxnboldt made during his journey, are contained in
a work of two volumes, entitled, " Recueil d'Observa-
tions de Zoologie et d'Anatomic comparees, faites dans
xtn voyage aux Tropiques," at which Cuvier and La~
troille actively assisted, and which comprehends an
accurate description and interesting comparison of dif-
ferent species of animals, and many new facts concern-
ing the earth as the dwelling place of animals.    In
Botany Huniboldt's fellow-traveller was particularly
active, and while Bonpland depicted the new specimens
of a hitherto unknown vegetable world, having brought
liome rnoro than six thousand species of new plants
from America, Humboldt extended his view over the
laws of vegetable life, and their relation to the earth
itself.    The great work, " Essai sur la G^ographie cles
Plant es," which   was   in some  sort a conclusion   to
Hximboldt's treatise, " Ideas on the Physiognomy of
Plants/' in the above-mentioned "Views of Nature/*
and which was more extensively treated in the work,
"Prolegomena de distributioneGeographica Plantarum
aeemulum coeli temperiem et altitudinem montium/*
proves in a genial manner, rich in experience, how
important the influence of geography is on botany ; it